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Dr Robing cash presenting to pa‍‍‍rents and students at River Rouge STEM Academy September 20, 2016

Dr. Robin Cash to Present Seminar

Dr. Robin Cash will be a facilitator at this years WSU STEM Day that will be held on March 14, 2018. For more details please visit: https://wayne.edu/stemday

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Download: 1001 Inventions Exhibition Guide-MI Sceince Center.pdf

Past Events

During the 2017 Prep for Success, Dr. Robin will host a session that encourages students to work on recognizing their gift through a combination of focus and encouragement on something students enjoy. This strategy will serve as a recipe for crafting a gift. Dr. Robin will encourage students to recognize their extre‍‍‍me gift, love, interest or curiosity in something, which can easily turn into a passion that if motivated, could result in advances in an area that could lead to an immeasurable positive impact on the world.

Synopsis of my passion for STEM: After witnessing a lack of minority students pursuing STEM majors in college for decades and the enormous deficiency of students graduating and filling the critical job pipeline nationwide, I am working to change this, with the realization that a myriad of future careers will employ STEM skills. My mission is to close gaps and open doors to more STEM majors and i‍‍‍ncreased STEM-career readiness of students.

Brief Bio: Dr. Robin Johnson Cash is a product of Detroit Public Schools. She furthered her lifelong passion for education by earning a Bachelor, Masters and Ph.D. of Science in Mechanical Engineering. She is also a Six-Sigma Blackbelt, Certified MBTI® Facilitator, and Certified Diversity Trainer. She is a leader at Ford Motor Company and an Adjunct Professor at Eastern Michigan University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Worldwide and Baker College.

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